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Rajnish Kumar

My name is Rajnish Kumar and
I am a professional blogger and a content writer.

A passion which turned from hobby to full time engagement:

Well, I have been a full time Banking professional since last 15 years and never dreamt of getting out of that environment, but the writing was one thing which I could not avoid no matter how tight I was on my schedules or my hectic life.

It all basically started when I started writing small articles and blogs on various topics and slowly the skill started getting appreciated. I wrote a few blogs and contents for the education industry, IT sectors and one of my favorite topic till date “Crypto Currency” and slowly and gradually blogging became my after-work obsession.

Being an Aries, the strong sense of diving headfirst into adventure (characteristic of an Aries) closely followed by the passion of writing, I started doing it full time since the start of 2019.

I am a full-time blogger now with specialization in Education, IT, Industrial, Crypto, Review on technology products, Company work process formation, Profile writing, etc.… to name a few. Anything you can think of, I will craft it in writing and make it a document.

Before undertaking any project, I do a complete and thorough study on every minute details of the subject and then the soul work gets converted into writing and the end result comes out in the form of blog and article.

I completely understand that an entrepreneur does not have time to promote his business and this is where I come in.

Work with me and I will help you create a sound ecosystem and lively presence in the digital world which will help you generate demand for your business- leaving you time to get on with the things that you do best.

You can find a number of blogs and articles which has been written for my national and overseas clients for an enhancement in their business.

You can contact me for a free consultation at the number provided or drop me a query on my mail, which would be answered promptly.

The motto is simple:

Help Entrepreneurs build a Life and Business they love

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