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"Goa...Paradise in a wheelie bin" Goa, popularly known as the pearl of the orient and tourist paradise. Located in India’s coastal belt on the western called the Konkan coast. Sparkling with sea, sand, and sunshine, North Goa welcomes you to a picturesque land of natural beauty. The architectural, Goan Temples, Churches and old houses have brought distinction to Goa. But this...
Goa and pristine beaches, two inseparable elements, the vast ocean, the cultural heritage of South Goa, and the hippie rave culture of the North but visualizing about it from a tourist point of view, there is much more to explore in Goa. Goa is blessed with rivers, big and small hills, streams, springs and beautiful waterfalls. Although there aren’t...
Travelling to Goa is often hailed as a sign of attaining adolescence in India. The long-stretched coastline promises a new kind of freedom. Once a part of the iconic Hippie trail that flourished from Europe to Nepal, Goa gave birth to a “New Found Land”, where you can just be, drifting away from the prejudices and societal niceties that bind...

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