Schools reopening in the new normal post COVID-19 era


Regardless of a country’s capacity to provide appropriate, continued access to learning during crises and school closures, the time has come when all education systems should prepare for schools to reopen when the time comes. This process poses many challenges for education authorities, and careful planning is mandatory.

Among these numerous challenges, one of them is the environment inside the school premises. Is the air inside the school premises is safe enough for our beloved kids? Have we made arrangements for the air to be fresh and germ-free? The question, we should be asking ourselves “What should we be doing with our HVAC systems to be proactive regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus in schools?”

The answer is pretty simple, the majority of us would be aware of the day to day precaution and safety measures to undertake but are we aware of the technicalities involved in providing these solutions, especially in schools.

Schools, as we all know, have one of the difficult tasks of reopening safely as and when the government issues the guidelines. It is also critically important to develop strategies that can be revised and adapted depending on the level of viral transmission in the school and throughout the community and let students stay safe and healthy.

Waves Aircon, an ISO 9001-2015 company, with AHRI certification, is doing the restoration work in this direction. Taking a head start, in June itself, Waves Aircon has provided customized AHUs, specifically for COVID wards in the hospitals. Similarly, in all the other commercial premises and schools, Waves Aircon is doing their part in securing the premises to the fullest.

Waves Aircon has ensured to provide exact requirements towards the facility of air purification in schools and has improvised in all these specific areas to provide maximum protection to our little ones and are meeting all the guidelines issued by government.

Improvising and adapting to the latest technologies in term of air purification, like, MERV-14 range of air filtrations and FAH01M-A and FAH03M-A category of air purification technology which purifies the air and efficiently removes air particles and at the same time can sterilize the air by killing viruses and bacteria, making it safer for children and teachers alike, to breath purified and fresh air. Waves Aircon is ensuring that COVID-19 virus should be the last thing to be worried about inside the school premises.

The air purification technologies used by Waves Aircon have the recommendation of the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) too.

In continuation of their responsibilities towards the society, the R & D department of Waves Aircon is working tirelessly to secure the premises of all kinds, to the highest level by adapting and innovating. It is also making repeated appeals to their existing customer base to get their existing AHUs upgraded with the latest technology, to make their premises more secure.

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