Advantages of Securing Digital Documents


Many companies today are still stuck in the paper world when it comes to regulated documents. With the constant barrage in the news about hackers and concerns over digital insecurity, you might think that paper documents are more secure.

Approximately, only 20 to 30 percent businesses have moved toward a paperless working environment, and required a reliable digital document management platform.

Advantages of Securing Digital Documents

      • Reliable Backups
      • Increased Security & Control
      • Improved Timeliness
      • Increased Efficiency & File Management
      • More Consistent Content
      • Review and test


Regardless of format, information needs to be secured. Sigplex provides a secure platform to protect your digital documents by electronic signature on all type of format. Use any of our signature capture devices, Sigma, Omega, Gamma, Delta, Kappa and Alpha with varieties of software to choose from, as per your requirement.

Benefits of Digital Document Management

Reliable Backups: It is a mandatory requirement to be able to produce original and readable copies of records and having a strong backup solution in place is important. Once your data has been digitised, you can easily create backup copies to store off-site. This also ensures that your business will survive any disaster.

Increased Security & Control: Have adequate security and control over who can retrieve your information is imperative. By moving your documents to the cloud, you can set permissions to each document and folder and clearly identify who retrieved what documents & when.

Improved Timeliness: The Staff that works either in the office or from remote locations can gain instant access to the documentation that they may require. Digital document management also makes it easier for files to be shared and transferred between companies.

Increased Efficiency & File Management: The document management process also offers massive productivity improvements for your staff. Rather than digging through filing cabinets to find cagey information, one can simply search for the information from the computer. Once the digital documents are found, you can print a copy or just read it on screen.

More Consistent Content: Ensuring that content is consistently formatted, named and controlled is not easy. Digitising the documents using signature capture devices allows you track the changes made on document.

Review and test: Security is never-ending, so review, test, and revise on a regular basis.

And never forget to revoke someone’s credentials when they are no longer an employee.  Keep your documents and information secure. Improve your productivity. And make sure you get to court on

Digital storage is the future of business. Quickly create a complete digital library of all your important business documents, and rest assured that in the event of a disaster your data is safe.