Why choose to study in the UK?


The UK universities have an irrefutable reputation for academic excellence and quality with courses available for students, as well as it is an ideal destination for many decades for over a million students from the UK and EU. There are more than few reasons to study in UK:

Why choose to study in the UK?

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    • Work While Study
    • Quality Education
    • Cultural Diversity
    • Fully Funded Courses
    • Best Teaching Method
    • Experience Student Life
    • How Study Bridge Can Help You?
    • Choose to study variety of courses
    • Internationally Recognised Universities

Internationally Recognised Universities

UK higher education and qualifications have a remarkable international reputation and the UK degree is recognised by global universities, top employers and government bodies creating a pool of chances to get placed with best companies.

The education in UK will provide you with a solid foundation and boost your potential for having a higher salary and finding exactly the job you want.

Quality Education 

When one chooses to study in UK, one can be confident that the chosen course and institution are closely monitored to ensure high standards.

The UK universities are inspected regularly by QAA to assess the standards of teaching, learning and research to ensure that set benchmarks are met.

Choose to study variety of courses

You can choose from a variety of different undergraduate and graduate degrees, and combine your courses in order to make a degree program that suits your needs and interests. You can literally find any course you want in the UK and excel in your area of expertise.

Also, one of the best thing about the UK courses are that they are generally shorter than other countries, helping to reduce overall tuition fees and accommodation costs.

Fully Funded Courses

The UK and EU students get the advantage of qualifying for fully funded courses by the UK Government. The student finance will help you to look after your course fees and other maintenance grants that will make your living in the UK more easy and comforting. For more information you can visit the Student Finance England website.

Best Teaching Method

UK teaching methods uses one of the innovative techniques that is problem-based learning, in which you are asked to solve real-life problems, just like those you’ll face in your future career.

Through these techniques you will learn to apply theory to practice, collaborating with others, accelerating your learning process and giving you a remarkable edge over the competition when you graduate.

Work While Study

 In the UK you are allowed to work while studying. During the regular academic year, you are permitted to work part-time up to 20 hours per week. The EU students have more advantage and the norms will also be flexibility.

Along with your study, you can work a part-time job, internship or placement and develop valuable skills that will be added to your CV.

Cultural Diversity

The UK has a multicultural society, with a rich diversity of cultures, languages, and faiths.You will get insights into other countries and cultures, as you will get to mix and meet people from other countries and culture, and your experience will be even richer because of being able to interact with so many different types of people.

Experience Student Life

Your studies will be exceptional at any British University, however, you will have free time where you can enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of UK.

Student life in UK is incredibly varied and one would love to be the best city of England, “London”. Study in London for enjoying your student as well as weekend life. Even if you aren’t studying in London, it is recommended by many people that you visit the city while studying in UK. London is the big city so there are always lots of things for you to discover and do.

The above are just a few points that are outlined for people to study in the UK and the recommendation will be to study in London. In the case, that are you are confused about the courses and other information, we recommend you to contact Study Bridge.

How Study Bridge Can Help You?

Study Bridge is one of the leading student consultants and provide very good career guidance for EU and UK student. All of their students are given supreme student career assistance. They offer the following services for Free*:

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