Important Things To Know Before Studying In London, UK


Let’s keep one thing absolutely clear, studying abroad in London is both transformational and delightful. This city offers more than you ever expect, irrespective of your finances, interests and personal preferences. Here are a few important things you need to know so can be prepared before landing into London City – aka ‘The Square Mile’.

Want to know important things before you start studying in London, UK

Find the complete list of important instructions you should be aware of mentioned below:

  • The Grandeur of London
  • Student Friendly City Travel
  • Student Discounts on the Food, Clothing, Gadgets and more…
  • London has tons of free things to do, and it’s really amazing
  • Outdoors, Museums, Parks and the Unpredictable Weather
  • Access to your favourite brands and stuff
  • Network with People
  • Partying and Clubbing is expensive
  • About the weather
  • Global City London

The Grandeur of London

Most people can’t even imagine how big London is. ‘The Square Mile’ City has a wider spread. Although maximum parts of London are walk-friendly, still you will need public transport, especially if your student accommodation is not situated in Central London. There are Apps to guide you from point A to point B.

Student Friendly City Travel

While studying abroad in London, you can avail up to 30% off using travel cards and bus and tram pass season tickets all with just single Student Oyster Photocard.

A 16-25 Railcard is also a good way to save 1/3 on your rail travel and pay on use tube fares for only Pound 30 for a year. You can simply pay off this extra amount of annual subscription with just your weekend trips traveling to other parts of the UK.

Another great option for saving on transportation on day trips or weekend travel across the UK while studying abroad in London happens to be the BritRail Pass. It gives you access to unlimited travel for a number of days every month. It could be easily availed from your current place in advance via online.

Student Discounts on the Food, Clothing, Gadgets and more…

Apart from transportation, Students in London can enjoy the discounts in Food, Clothing, Electronics, Gym memberships and more. Ex. Unidays is a good place to get your discounts with simple signup which is free of cost.

NUS Card is also there which is chargeable but offers more benefits with better deals across London, the UK, and Europe.

London has tons of free things to do, and it’s really amazing

You must be aware of the fact that London is expensive especially if you are on a student budget. Still, there are many free things in London that are worth exploring and even if you are visiting for a single semester or longer you can keep yourself engaged in activities and you will never feel, ‘what to do now?’

Outdoors, Museums, Parks and the Unpredictable Weather

Museums in London are mostly free to visit, and they are best for bad weather days. Photogenic around the city like Shoreditch, Notting Hill and Camden, are perfect spots to spend your time, click tons of memories while spending a few or no cash at all.

Parks in the city are free to visit. In good weather conditions grab some snacks, friends and go on for a picnic in one of London’s world-famous green spaces.

Access to your favourite brands and stuff

Compared to the other parts of the world you can feel at home with access to all your favourite brands and even some dedicated to a country space to make you feel shopping at your hometown while you are feeling a bit homesick. So while coming to study in London you can be rest assured and pack light as you can easily get all you need here in London City.

Network with People

The Londoners may not be as approachable as others but you can definitely rely on meetup groups and other occasions to connect with people of all types of interest for free.

Also, be informed of the University events in your campus, they are usually free and include complimentary beer, food and a lot of excitement.

Partying and Clubbing is expensive

While studying abroad in London, if you are planning to go out every night and you have a low budget, you may spend all your semester’s money on partying out without even noticing it. We would suggest you to rather go around exploring the city.

If you visit early in the evening you may even get yourself a free entry. There are lot many bars around the city offering great happy hour deals for early visitors.

About the weather

Listen to the ones who have been living in London for long. They say Londoners are so good with the weather that they embrace every season and even the sudden changes in the weather.

Global City London

London is an English Speaking country yet it is a multicultural city. Londoners come from all around the world, speaking different languages from different cultures. London is a good global destination to experience a good learning and cultural environment.