Career Opportunities in Teaching After Completing DET Level 5


The level 5 DET (Diploma in Education and Training) course takes between 1-2 years to complete, pursuing a teaching career afterwards is a good option, particularly in the UK. There is a high demand for teachers or teaching assistant jobs. In this article, we’ll tell you about teaching job opportunities in London and the UK, and how much.

Here Are Some Teaching Career Opportunities For DET Level 5 Graduates

A level 5 diploma in education and training does not limit you to just undertake a teaching role, however majority of graduated follow this route. According to, teacher salaries have been increasing rapidly in metropolitan areas of the UK. Teaching positions in London pay 13% more than elsewhere in the UK!

Most employers look for teachers with specialisations in a specific subject, however if you do not have a specialise in one area, you can always find jobs as a teaching assistant. This will enable you to specialise while working to further your career in teaching.

Teaching Jobs Available in London For DET Level 5 Graduates:

Keep in mind this is just to give you an idea of your opportunities, there are various pathways you can follow, teaching in schools, colleges, tutoring services or youth centre officers, just to name a few.

TeacherGBP 23-34K
Teaching AssistantGBP 14-15K

Teaching Assistant Jobs

There is always a high need for Teaching Assistant Jobs. These jobs can be competitive, however they usually allow you to work for multiple schools on a flexible schedule. It is a perfect way to start your career as a teacher and work your way up. Below we have made a rough summary of pay by county.

Teaching Assistant Income by County

Lancashire CountyGBP 12K
Birmingham CityGBP 14K
Norfolk CountyGBP 13K
BradfordGBP 12K
Nottingham CityGBP 14K

Teaching Assistant Income By Years Of Experience:

Years (exp)Salary
Firstly, < 1 yearGBP 13K
1-4 yearsGBP 13K
5-9 yearsGBP 14K
10-19 yearsGBP 14K
Lastly, 20+ yearsGBP 15K


You can definitely find many job opportunities with a Level 5 DET. To grow your career, you should consider specialising in one subject. Get in touch with Study Bridge if you would like to receive career advice or if you are thinking of joining University to specialise in a subject of your interest. Becoming a teacher is a great journey which can be extremely fulfilling.